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Yeah, yeah, I know I'm late as hell to journal fandom, but I'm not crazy about tumblr, and I need somewhere to indulge my inherent obnoxious tendency to rant about stupid things, as well as back up my fics. Eh, it's a hobby, what can I say? 

So if you've found this place, I'm going to assume you've read my stuff before, in which case, I'd like to give you a big hug and thank you, you are awesome!

Anyway, I figured I'd put a little bit about me here: I'm in my twenties (not going to say exactly how old), I try not to take myself too seriously, and I collect pens, including fancy-ass fountain pens. I have training as a makeup artist, a degree in government and political science, I used to work in IT, and about half an undergraduate degree in geology. When it comes to fanfiction, I mainly do cracky gen fics and slash, although I haven't written any slash in years- that might change soon though. I've been in fandom in some form or another for over ten years, and I sleep probably as much as a sloth.

So there you go. There's a quick primer on who exactly I am. Cheers, and I hope to see you around in the future! 


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