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Hello, and welcome! Thank you so much for writing for me! I’m urami over on AO3 too.

In my real life, I’m pretty boring. I manage a store, and when I’m not there I’m probably sleeping, watching television and movies, or messing around on the Internet. I’m a pretty easygoing person and I try to not take myself too seriously. I like to laugh and I like to make other people laugh, even if it doesn’t always work out with my somewhat warped sense of humor.

As far as things I like in fic, there are a lot. I like humor, character studies, unique and interesting AUs (make everyone into pioneers in the old West or work in a lingerie store or really anything- even coffee-shops are okay if there’s something unique to it), happy or at least hopeful endings, m/m, buddy-cop dynamic, casefic- really, I’ll read pretty much anything.

If you want to write me something shippy that includes a sex scene or two, go for it, but don’t feel like you have to! I especially like overstimulation, public use, sex toy use, sex pollen/pon farr/fuck or die/etc, yandere, dirty talk, nipple play, rimming and detailed oral. I'm also okay with noncon/dubcon, so if you want to go that way I'm alright with that.

Now, for the things I don’t want. While I’m mostly easygoing, there are some things I definitely do not want. Please no scat, extreme and/or permanent body modification, femdom, genderswap, incest, extreme underage, or non-canonical character death. I'm also not interested in being lectured to through fics I read- please don't make the characters get on their soapboxes regarding political issues or have crises about their identities.

I know that looks like a lot of DNWs, but I’m not kidding when I say I’m easy to please. I’ll likely love whatever you can come up with.

On to the prompts!

Blue Bloods (TV): Jamie Reagan/Noble Sanfino

Ever since I was a kid I’ve loved police dramas. If you asked me why I wouldn’t be able to tell you, but when I was in elementary school I would come home every day and watch NYPD Blue. My parents couldn’t figure it out, and looking back, it was probably pretty weird, ahaha. But that love of cop shows followed me to adulthood, and Blue Bloods is probably one of my favorites of all time. I like how it’s still somewhat hopeful, even if Danny has to beat the crap out of serial killers and poor Frank has crisis after crisis he has to deal with.

Jamie and Noble intrigued me- technically the second season’s overarching plot was about the two of them, but they really only showed up in a few episodes. But the ones they were in were full of potential. I can see Noble developing a sort of obsession with Jamie- after all he went berserk when he found out that Jamie had kissed his sister, and he didn’t seem to take Johnny Tesla beating the crap out of Jamie very well either. And in the finale of their storyline, he especially did not take finding out that Jamie had been lying to him all this time well either. Yandere Noble would work really well- it would certainly explain a few things regarding his reactions! Yandere Noble after Jamie is revealed to be with the NYPD would be great too- Jamie might be a weasel with a badge, but he’s Noble’s weasel with a badge, and you’d better not fuck with him because only Noble is allowed to do that!

If you’re not comfortable going down that route, that’s cool too. I don’t think in canon that Noble was necessarily a horrible person- he was a product of his environment, really much the same way Jamie is. Growing up in a mob family is going to give you a somewhat warped moral compass, but overall, I think Jamie has the potential to be a good guy. You could do something where a reformed Noble and Jamie are together, or where Noble uncovers something really crazy on the level of the Morinaga Glico incident, or a potential terrorist attack, and teams up with Jamie in order to stop it. Of course things progress from there! :)

Marvel Cinematic Universe/Guardians of the Galaxy: Peter Quill/Garthan Saal

The first Guardians of the Galaxy is one of my favorite movies of all time- if I’m feeling down it’s one of the best things to watch. There’s well-fleshed out characters, hilarious fight scenes (the four-way fight between Peter, Gamora, and Rocket and Groot in the middle of Xandar is one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen to this date). And even though he’s in the movie for about five minutes, I really loved Denarian Garthan Saal. He’s such a great contrast to Peter Quill- an honorable military man who lives by the rules, so he’s basically the polar opposite of Star-Lord.

Most likely, since Saal is a space cop, he'd run across Peter in the context of law enforcement, but it's so vague that it could be up to interpretation. But what happened to make Saal so angry with him? Did they have a one-night stand that Saal thought was going to become something more? Did they have a sort of adversarial relation with some hate-sex? It’s up to you!

Or perhaps, Saal ended up surviving that explosion and had to work on rebuilding what was left of his life. Who better to re-teach Saal how to have a good time than Peter Quill himself? Dude does what he wants and goes marauding around the galaxy. I think he would be good for a surviving Saal.

Star Wars Sequel Trilogy: Kylo Ren/Dopheld Mitaka

Aw, poor Mitaka. He’s stuck working under both Kylo Ren and General Hux. He’s lucky to still even be alive after all this time! Between Hux’s ruthlessness and Kylo Ren’s habit of flying into homicidal rages, I’m pretty sure that not too many personnel in the First Order make it to retirement age… but despite all of that, Kylo certainly seemed hesitant to actually hurt Mitaka even when he got all that bad news from him.

An idea I think would be interesting to see is Kylo being intensely attracted to Mitaka, but not really knowing how to deal with it until he finally snaps and decides to make Mitaka accept his attentions. Kylo is not the most emotionally well-adjusted person in the world, and I have a feeling he wouldn’t really know how to handle having feelings for someone. You could make it so that Mitaka returns his feelings, or you could make it be more along the lines of creepy stalker Kylo creeps on Mitaka who has no idea how to handle having the workplace homicidal maniac obsessed with him. Consensual, dub-con with Force mind-control stuff, or outright noncon is okay with me for this pairing!

If you’d prefer you could switch it up, too, with Mitaka being the one obsessed with Kylo Ren. Maybe that chokehold woke up something long suppressed that turned Mitaka on. Maybe Mitaka wants Kylo-senpai to notice him, or maybe Mitaka saw Kylo Ren in the shower and realized that that weird radar technician wasn’t actually lying and that Kylo really is shredded. You can go wherever you want this, I’m cool with it.

Vocaloid: Master/Kaito

The concept of the producers being “masters” of the Vocaloids has always interested me. The logical extreme of a computer program having to obey every command given to it, even if it’s kind of ridiculous is shown in Kagamine Len no Bousou. I’m also interested in the common thread in the fandom that Vocaloids are sort of like androids- they’re programs, but they can manifest in solid form outside of the computer. Both of those things could lead to, ah, interesting places!

As Kaito is an adult, a lot of what goes down in Kagamine Len no Bousou isn’t quite applicable, but I can still see him getting a user/master who wants him to do certain things, and if Kaito can manifest physically things can go from there. You can go about this in the creepy, dub-con-y way where Kaito, being a computer program, technically cannot disobey any orders given to him, or you could go the totally consensual route where Kaito is more than happy to go along with his orders!

Another way you could go about this is to have it be more like a hentai game, where Kaito can’t actually get out of the computer, but Master can interact with him by clicking the mouse.

Seriously, I want you to have fun writing for me. Please don’t stress out too much. I’m pretty chill and I try to not take things too seriously. I’m looking forward to this exchange, and I hope you are as well. I hope you’re having a wonderful summer- at least where I am all the kids are out of school already, adults are planning their vacations, and every time I go outside I can hear the sounds of the season- swimming pools, kids on their bicycles, people cooking steak outside… if it wasn’t so damn hot it would be great.

I’m looking forward to reading what you write! :)

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