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So, the AO3 sorting algorithm assigned you to me. Welcome! This will be my first year doing Yuletide (although I've enjoyed the fics produced  from it since around 2012), so I hope I'm doing this letter thing right.

I'm urami over on AO3 too.

I’m not a particularly interesting person- I’m a shop manager in my daily life (WOO PROMOTION!), and I really like sleeping, watching television and movies, and writing and reading fic. I’m a pretty easygoing person and I try to not take myself too seriously. I like to laugh and I like to make other people laugh, even if it doesn’t always work out with my somewhat warped sense of humor.

As far as things I like in fic, there are a lot. I like humor, character studies, unique and interesting AUs (make everyone into pioneers in the old West or work in a lingerie store or really anything- even coffee-shops are okay if there’s something unique to it), happy or at least hopeful endings, m/m, buddy-cop dynamic, casefic- honestly, if I was going to list everything I like this letter would probably be about the length of War and Peace, haha.

If you want to write me something shippy that includes a sex scene or two, go for it, but don’t feel like you have to! I especially like overstimulation, public use, sex toy use, sex pollen/pon farr/fuck or die/etc, yandere, omorashi, dirty talk, nipple play, rimming and detailed oral. I'm also okay with noncon/dubcon, so if you want to go that way I'm alright with that, but I’d prefer if it ended well.

Now, for the things I don’t want. While I’m mostly easygoing, there are some things I definitely do not want. Please no scat, extreme and/or permanent body modification, femdom, genderswap, incest, extreme underage, or non-canonical character death. I'm also not interested in being lectured to through fics I read- please don't make the characters get on their soapboxes regarding political issues or have crises about their identities.

I know that looks like a lot of do not wants, but really, I’m not kidding when I say I’m pretty easy to please. I don’t want you to stress out writing for me- I know that the holidays can be an extremely stressful time for people and crazy shit happens. I want you to enjoy your Yuletide season- save your worries for wondering whether or not your maternal grandmother and your father are going to literally start a food fight because they got into a political argument this year. Or is that just my weird-ass family? Probably just my weird-ass family.

Anyway, onto prompts! You can use these as the basis for the fic, or you can just use them as a springboard.

Longmire (Requested Characters: Walt Longmire, Henry Standing Bear)

I admit it- I have a deep, enduring love of police dramas, ever since I was a kid (after I saw NYPD Blue as a child it was my dream to become a policewoman and arrest all the bad guys- clearly it didn’t end up working out) and apparently that extends to sheriff dramas as well! I mainlined this series back in August and waited anxiously for the next season to come out on Netflix! I love the setting of this show- Wyoming is one of those states that doesn’t end up in movies or shows that much, so it’s refreshing to have a crime drama set somewhere other than LA or NYC.

I also love Walt and Henry’s relationship. I love how they fight like an old married couple, but at the end of the day they have each other’s backs. For this I would be happy with either slash or gen. I’d be happy with casefic (Absaroka County seems to have an enormous amount of murders for the population it’s implied to have- maybe Henry finds a body in the trash bin at the Red Pony, or someone dies at the casino and Walt and Henry have to sneak around past Jacob Nighthorse or something), or a story about their younger years. Maybe the immediate aftermath of their first meeting when they patch it up and start talking, or their high school days? Gen or shippy is fine with me- I really just want to see more of Walt and Henry together, either platonically or romantically. And if you want to throw The Ferg in there that’s great too- he’s a good investigator, so if you go casefic he could be useful.

Evillious Chronicles (Requested Characters: Gallerian Marlon, the Clockworker’s Doll)

The Evillious Chronicles were really what got me into Vocaloid in the first place. I love the world-building, I love the complexity of the characters (pretty much everyone except for Irina Clockworker has, if not good reasons for what they did, understandable reasons, at least), and you have to admit that mothy is really good at writing catchy music!

You could almost accurately describe the series as “Rin and/or Len fuck things up,” or that Jerry Springer would have a field day with the Marlon family. And Gallerian is my favorite of the Marlons- he’s such a terrible person, but he’s motivated by love for Michelle. I’d love something exploring Gallerian’s doting on the doll he believes is his daughter. You could go melancholy, with the doll not really understanding what Gallerian meant but doing her best to live up to his expectations of her, while Gallerian does his best to gain enough money to “cure” her inability to walk. Or, if you were in the mood for something a bit goofier, it could be time for Gallerian to give his “daughter” The Talk. You know the one. An increasingly flustered Gallerian trying to explain how to make more humans to a sentient inorganic being (that still does have a womb of sorts) could be some prime comedy.

If you do choose to write this, however, please keep it non-shippy, since Gallerian thinks the Clockworker’s Doll is his daughter, and the Clockworker’s Doll considers Gallerian her father.

The Faraway Tree (Requested Characters: Any)

Enid Blyton’s Faraway Tree stories are one of my favorite things to read for comfort. I read my copies until they fell apart when I was a kid. Even when things end up taking a turn for the somewhat more perilous (Dame Slap’s reform school, or the goblins imprisoning the Tree’s inhabitants in their homes) the kids and friends always manage to save the day in the end.

I would love to see some fic with the kids returning to the Faraway Tree as adults and reconnecting with their friends there and seeing how their lives turned out- maybe Jo is a corporate executive, Fanny owns a coffee-shop, Dick became a computer programmer, Connie works in a bridal shop, or Bessie works for a telecom company. Times have changed as well- how did life change for the inhabitants of the Tree? Did Dame Washalot finally get a washing machine? How’s old Mister Whatzisname doing? Did Silky and Moon-face ever hook up? And maybe there was even a Land of Otorhinolaryngology that came by and poor Saucepan Man got his tinnitus fixed. And what about the lands? Have any new lands been formed to keep up with the changing times? The Land of Video Games- an eternal LAN party? Can you get a new iPhone 7 at the Land of Take-What-You-Want? Whatever you choose to do, I’d prefer it to be light-hearted, in the vein of the books. While I’m usually okay with grimdark-ifying things, please not for this one. The Faraway Tree should stay light and fluffy, like delicious meringue (which you can probably get in the Land of Sweets)

Blue Bloods (TV) (Requested Characters: Jamie Reagan, Noble Sanfino)

Yeah, once again my obsession with police dramas rears its head. I love Blue Bloods- it’s slightly less constant doom-and-gloom than some other popular police dramas, and I like how the Reagan family is always able to pull together no matter what happens (and for this family, shit goes down regularly).

Jamie and Noble intrigued me- technically the second season’s overarching plot was about the two of them, but they really only showed up in a few episodes. But the ones they were in were full of potential. I can see Noble developing a sort of obsession with Jamie- after all he went berserk when he found out that Jamie had kissed his sister, and he didn’t seem to take Johnny Tesla beating the crap out of Jamie very well either. And in the finale of their storyline, he especially did not take finding out that Jamie had been lying to him all this time well either. If you want to go the Jamie/Noble route (which I am most definitely not opposed to, heh), you could go so many places with this. Yandere Noble would work really well- it would certainly explain a few things regarding his reactions! Yandere Noble after Jamie is revealed to be with the NYPD would be great too- Jamie might be a weasel with a badge, but he’s Noble’s weasel with a badge, and you’d better not fuck with him because only Noble is allowed to do that!

Once again, thank you so much for writing for me! And seriously, don’t stress out too much- I’m pretty easy to please, and I’ll probably like whatever you come up with. Save all the stress for realizing that oh god you actually do need that big-ass TV from the electronics store for $75 on Black Friday (or if you’re in my position, oh god I actually do need to work at the mall on Black Friday and if someone tries to use a two-year-old coupon I might just end up on the 10:00 news as ‘crazy store manager goes berserk on Black Friday’). Or realizing that your brother ate the Christmas ham and your cousin drank all the alcohol on the 23rd instead. Or whatever weird stuff happens to you this holiday season- I don’t want to be a source of stress.

I hope you enjoy writing for me, and I’m definitely looking forward to reading whatever you come up with for me! I hope you have a great holiday season and Yuletide 2016! I'll be waiting! :) 
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